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Dental Implants

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Fed up with you dentures? There just maybe a better option

  • Do you have a loose or cosmetically poor denture?
  • Do you have a missing tooth causing a gap in your smile?
  • Or do you simply miss a tooth you once had when eating?

If so a dental implant may be the perfect solution.

A missing tooth, regardless of the cause, can make even the most confident people feel self-conscious. If you feel like a missing tooth or teeth  is affecting your appearance or making eating difficult,  then a dental implant might be the solution for you.


Dental implants are now relatively easy to place and are growing in popularity year after year. With modern advances in procedures and materials, they can look indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Implants are placed within the bone, making them structurally nearly identical to natural teeth. This means that they are fixed in place  and don’t place pressure on the surrounding teeth.

Dental Implants have a  very high  long-term success rate providing they are well looked after and the patient attends for regular reviews.

Single Tooth Implant

Some problems leading to a single tooth gap include:

  • A tooth may have been extracted due to advanced decay, trauma, infection, failed root filling and/or root fracture
  • A crown which keeps falling out
  • Repeated infections
  • Permanent tooth missing from birth

Multiple Tooth Implants

The use of implants is not confined to the replacement of a single tooth. It is equally popular amongst our patients to have two or more implants placed in order to close a larger space or indeed to replace all the teeth previously lost in an upper or lower jaw.

In lots of occasions, this allows our patients to escape a life of denture wear. This is a major motivating factor for our patients  in deciding to have implants placed.

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What our patients are saying

Our happy clients

I have been a patient with Mel Currie for just over 20 years. In that time I have presented with a number of problem dental issues. These have been treated successfully with a high degree of professional competence and always with patience and reassurance. I owe Mel a lot for my present good dental health

Richard Jones

We have been patients of Mel Currie for over a decade and have at all times been totally satisfied with the service and treatment which has been conducted in a most professional and thorough manner.  Mel has resolved many and varied complex problems during our time with him to our total satisfaction.

Norman and Ina Crawford

absolutely fabulous!!!
It was a joy to watch them interact with my son, who usually finds it hard to sit still.
no fear or worry and a happy boy going home.


Massive thanks to Mel and the team. After getting three crowns I can smile again with confidence. A great transformation, the crown colours and shape match my natural teeth perfectly. Highly recommended, thanks so much!

Craig Monaghan

I absolutely dread getting work done on my teeth but need not have worried so much as Mel was very reassuring and did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!

JL Armagh

Going to Mel for over six years now and am delighted with the service and would highly recommend Currie and Gribben to anyone.

Derek Maher Dublin

I would like to thank Gemma and Kirsty , I've been going to this Dentist for a number of years and I can safely say these two girls are very professional at their jobs. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you again.

JN Armagh

Fantastic place. As a very nervous patient I avoided the dentist when I knew I needed to go. A friend told me about Mel and I would recommend him to anyone. He is the best and makes you feel at ease.

Aoife Dungannon

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